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Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Dr. Abrew is one of the few dentists in the Vacaville area that has been trained to do the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST), invented by Dr. Chao, D.D.S. Over the past decade, receding gums surgery techniques have become more proficient, less invasive, and more comfortable for patients. The Pinhole technique is an excellent and easy choice when shown the many advantages it has over other more invasive techniques used to correct recession.

What makes PST different than other methods used to correct receding gums, is that Dr. Abrew makes only a small pinhole sized opening in the gum tissue. This eliminates the need for an incision and most commonly sutures. This makes for a speedier recovery and faster healing time. Then he will introduce specialized instruments through the small opening created in the gum tissue near the area of recession. The tissue will be gently loosened and repositioned to cover the exposed root surfaces. Collagen strips are then placed, which will effectively hold the newly positioned tissue in place during healing.

Other benefits are no bleeding, swelling, or pain that is associated with gum surgery. The patient gets immediate cosmetic benefits and can show off a new, brilliant smile the same day.

Dr. Abrew regularly performs this breakthrough type of receding gums surgery in our office. To learn more about the Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation or other methods of treating and preventing gum recession, please contact Dr. Abrew's office today. Your initial appointment will include a thorough examination during which we can discuss gum recession surgery options.

Gum recession does not repair itself on its own. Unfortunately, it only gets worse and you can eventually loose your tooth/teeth from it.

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