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Ridge Preservation

Ridge (or socket) preservation is a type of bone grafting procedure that rebuilds and stabilizes bone where an extraction has left an empty socket. It is best to have a ridge preservation procedure performed at the time of an extraction, as it helps to promote the esthetics of the ridge and avoid bony defects.

When one or more teeth are extracted from the mouth, soft tissue and bone can begin to regress or collapse. Without the tooth root to stimulate it, the surrounding jaw bone will often begin to deteriorate shortly following the loss of a tooth. If there is significant bone loss, it may be impossible to place dental implants and may become more expensive, invasive, and time consuming to replace the lost bone.

Dr. Abrew will perform the extraction and then place a specialized gone grafting product. This product can be an autogenous graft, allograft, or alloplast material. After it is placed, it is stabilized with sutures and possibly collagen membrane. Healing time is approximately three to five months before a dental implant can be placed.

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